CCP completed its programme in 2022 and is no longer in operation. The site is planned to remain open and maintained until 2026 to enable access to information, but it will not be updated.

  • The CCS Browser is an educational tool designed to help the public learn more about CO2 capture and storage
  • The main focus of the CCS Browser is on storage, with detailed animations used to explain areas such as geological trapping
  • Available on tablet, PC and mobile, the CCS Browser allows people to explore in the way best suited to them
  • Digital In Depth tool now available in Media & Resources (Multimedia) section

CCP (CO₂ Capture Project) was a group of major energy companies that worked together to advance the technologies that would underpin the deployment of industrial-scale CO₂ capture and storage (CCS) in the oil & gas industry.


Since its formation in 2000, CCP undertook more than 150 projects to increase understanding of the science, economics and engineering applications for CO₂ capture and storage in the industry. The insights from this work are critical in helping to reduce or eliminate CO₂ emissions associated with ongoing use of fossil fuels.

CCP completed four phases of its work covering a span of over 20 years, from 2000 through to 2022. For a quick introduction into the group’s work, head over to the Pioneering Legacy video. For full technical details of the projects conducted in CCP’s final phase, refer to the CCP4 Results book. For a general summary on all of the phases of CCP’s work, click here.


This website was archived on 31 January 2023 and is planned to remain open for access to materials until 2026. The webpages will no longer be updated with new information and if you require assistance with any queries, please contact the relevant member companies directly.


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Final results book available.


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