The first phase of work focussed on screening potential cost-effective capture technologies for large-scale deployment. Key elements during this phase included:

  • 200 capture technologies screened
  • Identified pre-combustion, post-combustion and oxy-firing technologies to deliver significant capture cost reduction
  • Pioneered risk-based approach for geological site selection, operation and closure
  • Developed new storage monitoring tools
  • Published book of full technical results


The objective of the second phase was to further development of technologies identified from CCP1 to take forward for field demonstration. Key achievements included:

  • Two technologies potentially made ready for field demonstration
  • Novel capture technologies identified
  • Storage science, with focus on well integrity, built up through systematic R&D: publication of definitive book on storage
  • Engagement with policymakers, NGOs, media
  • CSLF Recognition Award in 2009
  • Published book of full technical results


This phase of work was dedicated to widespread testing and deployment of viable CCS technologies. Key projects included:

  • Field demonstrations of FCC and OTSG oxy-firing capture technologies
  • Continued development of novel technologies
  • Economic baseline modelling for all scenarios
  • Storage R&D and trialling of field monitoring technologies
  • Development of Certification Framework
  • Storage contingencies modelling completed

CCP4: 2014 – ongoing

This is the current phase of activity:

  • The CCP4 program aims to develop further research and understanding of CO2 capture solutions in the scenarios identified from previous CCP phases (refinery, heavy oil and natural gas power generation), together with a new scenario – CO2 separation from natural gas production
  • Within CO2 storage, the CCP4 program will continue to demonstrate safe and secure geological containment through field-based monitoring and the development of robust intervention protocols.


Learn more about CO2 capture and storage by visiting www.ccsbrowser.com


Latest results book now available.


A summary of 20 years of CCP - as shown at GHGT-15. View...

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