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October, 2010

Oxy Fuel Poster

GHGT-10 Technical Poster   
(pdf 12999kb)   View

January, 2009

The CO2 Capture Project (CCP): Results from Phase II (2004-2009)

Ivano Miracca, Knut Ingvar ├ůsen, Jan Assink, Cal Coulter, Linda Curran, Cliff Lowe, Gustavo Torres Moure, Steve Schlasner  
(pdf 456 Kb)   View

September, 2008

CO2 Capture Project - the capture program for phase II (2004-2008)

Ivano Miracca, Eni (Snamprogetti) S.p.A.  
(ppt 1.79 Mb)   View

December, 2006

CCP2 NGO Focus Group Meeting North America Summary

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 65 kb)   View

December, 2006

On the Potential Large-Scale Commercial Deployment of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Technologies

James J Dooley, Joint Global Change Research Institute, Battelle  
(pdf 2.9 Mb)   View

December, 2006

CCS Deployment Pathways and Hurdles

John Thompson, Director, Coal Transition Project  
(pdf 408 kb)   View

December, 2006

Carson Hydrogen Power Plant

BP, Edison Mission Group  
(pdf 2.1 Mb)   View

December, 2006

CO2 Capture Project Communications - NGO Meeting North America 2006

Iain Wright  
(pdf 98 kb)   View

December, 2006

IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels - CCS Communications Project

Iain Wright Communications Team Leader (CCP2), Peta Ashworth, Sarah Wade, David Reiner, Jason Anderson,  
(pdf 106 kb)   View

December, 2006

CCP2 NGO Focus Group Meeting North America Agenda

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 42 kb)   View

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