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January, 2009

Assessing issues of financing a CO2 transportation pipeline infrastructure

Ioannis Chrysostomidis, Paul Zakkour, Mark Bohm, Eric Beynon, Renato de Filippo, and Arthur Lee  
(pdf 428 Kb)   View

June, 2008

Assessment of the range of potential funds and funding mechanisms for CO2 transportation networks

Ioannis Chrysostomidis, Paul Zakkour, ERM  
(pdf 3.65 Mb)   View

July, 2007

A Framework for Certification and Operation of CO2 Geological Storage Sites

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 56 kb)   View

March, 2007

Public Perception of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: Prioritised Assessment of Issues and Concerns

CO2 Capture Project, commissioned by IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels  
(pdf 223 kb)   View

January, 2007

Regulatory Treatment of CO2 Impurities for CCS

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 77 kb)   View

January, 2007

Incentives for CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 47 kb)   View

December, 2006

CO2 Capture Projectís Policies & Incentives Work Program 2006- 2007

Arthur Lee, Iain Wright  
(pdf 248 kb)   View

February, 2006

CO2 Capture Project Policies & Incentives Work Program 2005- 2006

Gardiner, Hill  
(pdf 205 kb)   View

November, 2005

CO2 Capture Project Policies & Incentives Work Program 2005-2006 - NGO Forum, Washington DC

Bruce Wilcoxon  
(pdf 204 kb)   View

September, 2005

CCP2 Policies and Incentives Work Program 2005-2006 - NGO Meeting Brussels 2005

Arthur Lee  
(pdf 245 kb)   View

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