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January, 2009

The CO2 Capture Project Phase 2 (CCP2) Storage Program: Progress in Geological Assurance in Unmineable Coal Beds

Dan Kieke, Scott Imbus, Karen Cohen, Chris Galas, Erika Gasperikova, William Pickles, Eli Silver  
(pdf 1033 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Modeling the effects of topography and wind on atmospheric dispersion of CO2 surface leakage at geologic carbon sequestration sites.

Fotini K. Chow, Patrick W. Granvold, Curtis M. Oldenburg  
(pdf 668 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Pressure perturbations from geologic carbon sequestration: Area-of-review boundaries and borehole leakage driving forces

Jean-Philippe Nicot, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Steven L. Bryant, and Susan D. Hovorka  
(pdf 148 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Probability Estimation of CO2 Leakage Through Faults at Geologic Carbon Sequestration Sites

Yingqi Zhang, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Stefan Finsterle, Preston Jordan, and Keni Zhang  
(pdf 244 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Sensitivity of CO2 migration estimation on reservoir temperature and pressure uncertainty

Preston Jordan and Christine Doughty  
(pdf 195 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Wellbore integrity analysis of a natural CO2 producer

Walter Crow, Brian Williams, J. William Carey, Michael Celia, Sarah Gasda  
(pdf 1301 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Wellbore flow model for carbon dioxide and brine

Lehua Pan, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Yu-Shu Wu, and Karsten Pruess  
(pdf 264 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Case studies of the application of the Certification Framework to two geologic carbon sequestration sites

Curtis M. Oldenburg, Jean-Philippe Nicot, and Steven L. Bryant  
(pdf 1989 Kb)   View

May, 2008

The CO2 Capture Project Phase 2 Storage Program: Progress in Geological Assurance

Dan Kieke, Scott Imbus, Chevron Energy Technology Co  
(ppt 3.29 Mb)   View

June, 2007

Storing CO2 Underground

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme  
(pdf 2.6 Mb)   View

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