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June, 2004

CCP Economics Overview - 2004

Torgeir Melien, Norsk Hydro  
(pdf 322 kb)   View

June, 2004

CO2 Capture Project Policies & Incentives Study - 2004

Dag R Christensen  
(pdf 1.2 Mb)   View

April, 2004

Policies and Incentives Developments in CO2 Capture and Storage Technology

Arthur Lee et al  
(pdf 164 kb)   View

March, 2004

Economics and Case Studies

Tom Brownscombe, Shell  
(pdf 384 kb)   View

March, 2004

CCP NGO Focus Group Meeting Washington DC 2004 - Summary and Feedback

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 111 kb)   View

March, 2004

CCP Policies and Incentives Study Final Result - 2004

Arthur Lee  
(pdf 917 kb)   View

January, 2004

Update and Studies of Selected Issues Related to Government and Institutional Policies and Incentives Contributing to CO2 Capture and Geological Storage

Lee Solsbery et al, on behalf of Environmental Resources Management Ltd  
(pdf 796 kb)   View

October, 2003

CO2 Capture Project Policy and Incentives Study - Preliminary Results for 2003

Arthur Lee & Frede Cappelen  
(pdf CapellenLee_StatoilChevronTexaco_Policy)   View

October, 2003

CCS Cost Estimation and Selection of Technologies

Torgeir Melien, Norsk Hydro  
(pdf 247 kb)   View

October, 2003

CO2 Properties and Transportation

Torleif Weydahl, SINTEF Energy Research and Geir Heggum, Reinertsen Engineering  
(pdf 663 kb)   View

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