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type     January, 2009

CO2 Capture Project Phase 2 (CCP2) – Storage Program: Closing Long-Term CO2 Geological Storage Gaps Relevant to Regulatory and Policy Development

Scott Imbus, Dan Kieke, Walter Crow, Marcos Briceno, Scott Rennie, Calvin Cooper, Alessandra Simone

The CCP2 (2005 -2008) is a consortium is engaged in reducing CO2 capture costs and improving confidence in CO2 storage. The consortium has co-funding from EU, Norway and the US DOE. The CCP2 Storage program project portfolio focuses on technical assurance issues of importance to regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders. These include simplified and transparent protocols for assessing the storage project lifecycle, long term well materials stability under CO2-rich conditions, geochemical and geomechanic al interactions impacting the containment system stability and feasibility of novel remote sensing and geophysical techniques for monitoring CO2 storage. Work has begun on the CCP3 Storage (2009+) program which will continue to address remaining, substantial CO2 storage issues.

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Keywords: CO2 Capture Project (CCP); CO2 Geologic Storage; Certification Framework; Well Integrity; Geochemical Geomechanical Simulation; CO2 Storage Assurance; CO2 Storage Regulations, CO2 Storage Policy.

Source: Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) conference, 16-20 November 2008

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