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type     January, 2009

Pressure perturbations from geologic carbon sequestration: Area-of-review boundaries and borehole leakage driving forces

Jean-Philippe Nicot, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Steven L. Bryant, and Susan D. Hovorka

We investigate the possibility that brine could be displaced upward into potable water through wells. Because of the large volumes of CO2 to be injected, the influence of the zone of elevated pressure on potential conduits such as well boreholes could extend many kilometers from the injection site—farther than the CO2 plume itself. The traditional approach to address potential brine leakage related to fluid injection is to set an area of fixed radius around the injection well/zone and to examine wells and other potentially open pathways located in the “Area-of-Review” (AoR). This suggests that the AoR needs to be defined in terms of the potential for a given pressure perturbation to drive upward fluid flow in any given system rather than on some arbitrary pressure rise. We present an analysis that focuses on the changes in density/salinity of the fluids in the potentially leaking wellbore.

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Keywords: pressure profile, water density, AoR, brine leakage, USDW, TDS.

Source: Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) conference, 16-20 November 2008

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