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type     June, 2005

Vol 1 Chapter 7: KPS Membrane Contactor Module Combined with Kansai/MHI Advanced Solvent, KS-1 For CO2 Seperation from Combustion Flue Gases

Marianne Søbye Grønvold, Olav Falk-Pedersen, Nobuo Imai and Kazuo Ishida

Abstract: The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (Kansai) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd (MHI) have developed solvents for a CO2 capture process. One of the solvents, KS-1 was selected for this combined process with the gas/liquid membrane contactor, developed by Kvaerner Process Systems a.s. (KPS). The KPS membrane contactor and Kansai/MHI, KS-1 solvent both pose technical advantages to the current convention of CO2 capture processes, respectively; however, the combined effect has never been determined. This test was undertaken in order to determine the extent of advantages the combined process holds over the current standard of CO2 capture. Data was recovered for the construction of a mathematical model regarding the performance of the combined process. This data were in turn, used for the scale-up calculations for a CO2 capture plant at a 350 MW power plant. In the second phase of the CCP project, the principle of a membrane water wash unit was tested in a smallscale laboratory unit. This was done to verify the upscale calculations done for a membrane water wash unit in the first phase of the project.

Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations – Results from the CO2 Capture Project Capture and Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Combustion Sources - Volume 1
Edited by:
David C. Thomas, Senior Technical Advisor, Advanced Resources International Inc, USA

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