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type     June, 2005

Vol 1 Chapter 37: Chemical Looping Combustion of Refinery Fuel Gas with CO2 Capture

Jean-Xavier Morin and Corinne Be´al

Abstract: Chemical looping combustion (CLC) is a new combustion technology with inherent separation of CO2. Metal oxides are circulating between two fluid bed reactors: a fuel reactor for fuel oxidation and an air reactor for metal oxides oxidation by contact with air. The combustion products CO2 and H2O are obtained in a stream separate from oxygen depleted air stream. Alstom Power Boilers has developed a design concept for a large-scale Chemical Looping Combustion boiler (200 MWth refinery gas in Grangemouth) using modified circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology with fluid bed heat exchangers. No hard point appears in terms of technology except metal oxide durability needs to be confirmed. Preliminary economics suggest that for a 200 MWth CLC gas fired CFB boiler CO2 mitigation costs could be among the lowest for the technologies so far screened by the CCP. Detailed economics are currently being developed for alignment with other technology option costs reported by the CCP common economic modeling team (CEM) during the course of the 2003/2004 development project. CLC technology for refinery and natural gas combustion using CFB boilers might appear as a leading technology in term of competitiveness for CO2 removal and quick access to the market after a long-term prototype operation and a demonstration unit operation.

Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations – Results from the CO2 Capture Project Capture and Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Combustion Sources - Volume 1
Edited by:
David C. Thomas, Senior Technical Advisor, Advanced Resources International Inc, USA

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