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type     October, 2002

Corrosion in high pressure CO2 - Equipment for corrosion studies and water solubility measurements

Institute for Energy Technology, Norway

This project was carried out by the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Norway and is co-funded by Norway's Klimatek agency. The objective was to establish a basis for materials selection for CO2 capture, compression, transportation and injection. This project will be closely coordinated with the CCP Transporation project run by SINTEF and Reinertsen Engineering (SINTEF/Rinertsen project). The sub-goals will be:

To quantify the amount of water that can be dissolved in CO2-NGL (Max 5%) - mixtures at 50-500 bara and temperatures up to 30°C. The effect of trace elements from the separation process will also be addressed.

To deliver the data needed by the SINTEF/Reinertsen project in the development of the tool (nomogram) to be used for cost effective development of CO2 transportation systems.

To determine the corrosion rate of carbon, 13%-chormium, and duplex steels in liquid/supercritical CO2 as function of water content, temperature and pressure and to clarify if it is possible to extend the use of carbon steels with corrosion inhibitors.

Phase 1 of the project was completed in October 2002. This is the Phase 1 report.

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