The CO2 Capture Project

The CO2 Capture Project (CCP) is a partnership of the world’s leading energy companies, working with academic institutions and government organisations to research and develop technologies to help make CO2 capture and geological storage (CCS) a practical reality for reducing global CO2 emissions and tackling climate change.

CO2 Capture and Geological Storage is a technological process to capture CO2 emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants and other industrial processes and then store the CO2 deep underground in geological formations securely away from the atmosphere.

The CO2 Capture Project website includes information on project partners and activities, an introduction to CO2 capture technology, an extensive publications database featuring technical papers, presentations and reports, and a media and resources page including links to FAQs, non-technical reports, an image library and a glossary of CO2 capture terms.

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"Results from the
CO2 Capture Project Vol 3: Advances in CO2 Capture
and Storage Technology
" View...



2011 Annual Report

detailing progress of the group in 2011. View...



Download CCP Technical Papers presented at
GHGT-9, Washington



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