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type     June, 2005

Vol 1 Chapter 35: Chemical-looping Combustion-reactor Fluidization Studies and Scale-up Criteria

Bernhard Kronberger, Gerhard Loffler and Hermann Hofbauer

Abstract: This chapter is aimed to report the results of the work package of Vienna University of Technology in the GRangemouth Advanced CO2 CapturE Project (GRACE). The GRACE project is an EU founded research project under the specific programme for research on “energy, environment and sustainable development”. The work of Vienna University of Technology is concerned with the design and scale-up of a CLC reactor concept by investigations of the fluidization conditions. Detailed modelling was carried out experimentally in cold flow models at different scales. The experimental findings were integrated into mathematical models on the kinetics and hydrodynamics. The derivation of scale-up guidelines of the CLC process was carried out and recommendations are given. Clearly, the dual fluidized bed reactor concept coupled by the solid flow is well suitable for chemical-looping combustion. Scale-up issues can be overcome and a demonstration of the technology is recommended.

Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations – Results from the CO2 Capture Project Capture and Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Combustion Sources - Volume 1
Edited by:
David C. Thomas, Senior Technical Advisor, Advanced Resources International Inc, USA

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