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type     June, 2005

Vol 2 Chapter 31: Framework Methodology for Long-Term Assessment of the Fate of CO2 in the Weyburn Field

Mike Stenhouse, Wei Zhou, Dave Savage and Steve Benbow

Abstract: A key objective of the IEA Weyburn CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project is to determine the long-term fate of CO2 injected into the reservoir. Such a determination involves an evaluation of the potential for CO2 to migrate away from the reservoir along both natural and artificial (wellbore) pathways to the environment, and relies on the technical input from a number of disciplines. These disciplines include geology and hydrogeology, geochemistry, geomechanics, reservoir modeling and wellbore technology. This paper describes the framework used for carrying out the long-term assessment, thus ensuring that work being carried out by other research workers is properly integrated into the CO2 migration modeling. The discussion focuses on the various components of systems analysis, including features, events and processes and their incorporation into scenario development.

Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations – Results from the CO2 Capture Project Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide with Monitoring and Verification - Volume 2
Edited by:
Sally M. Benson, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA

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