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type     January, 2003

Health, Safety, and Environmental Risk Assessment for Leakage of CO2 from Deep Geologic Storage Sites

Prepared by LBNL, on behalf of the CCP

This project was carried out by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and was co-funded by the US Department of Energy. The project developed a coupled framework for HSE risk assessment for geological storage of CO2. The framework will couple:

(i) geological description of the reservoir, caprock and shallower formations
(ii) simulation of subsurface CO2 migration
(iii) CO2 dispersion over the ground surface and into buildings
(iv) expesures to human and ecological receptors
(v) risk characterization

This framework can be used to assess the risks to plants, humans and other animals, of various leakage and seepage scenarios. Such a risk assessment would normally be carried out prior to the development of a sequenstration project. The project was completed at the end of 2003. This report is an interim report dated January 2003.

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