CCP completed its programme in 2022 and is no longer in operation. The site is planned to remain open and maintained until 2026 to enable access to information, but it will not be updated.

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What was CCP?

CCP was formed in 2000 as a partnership of major energy companies working to advance CO₂ capture and storage (CCS) development for the oil & gas industry. The partnership has now concluded and members from its last phase of work (CCP4) were BP, Chevron and Petrobras.

The group worked closely with government organizations – including the US Department of Energy, the European Commission and more than 60 academic bodies and global research institutes. Altogether, CCP has undertaken more than 150 projects since 2000 to increase the science, economics and engineering applications of CCS.

The fourth and final phase of CCP’s activity was completed in 2022 and results from the projects during this phase can be found in the CCP4 Results Book, available to view here. The capture program aimed to further knowledge in the three CO₂ capture scenarios addressed in previous phases (refinery, heavy oil and natural gas power generation), together with a new scenario – CO₂ separation from natural gas production. Within CO₂ storage, the CCP4 program continued to demonstrate safe and secure geological containment through field-based monitoring and the development of robust intervention protocols.

CCS is now accepted as an appropriate emissions reduction technology to help address the challenge of reducing CO₂ emissions while the world develops alternative energy sources. Over the last two decades, CCP has been instrumental in helping to make CCS a realistic and safe option in the fight against climate change.

Participating Organizations

Industry (CCP Phase 4)

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eni – Member, Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three

Shell – Member, Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three

ConocoPhillips – Member, Phase Two and Phase Three

StatoilHydro - Member, Phase One and Phase Two

EnCana - Member, Phase One

EPRI – Associate Member, Phase Two and Phase Three

Repsol - Associate Member, Phase One, Phase Two

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