CCP completed its programme in 2022 and is no longer in operation. The site is planned to remain open and maintained until 2026 to enable access to information, but it will not be updated.

CCP - FAQs - Who was CCP?

What was CCP? Which companies/organizations were behind its work?

CCP was a collaborative partnership of the world’s leading energy companies that initiated and supported cutting edge research to advance understanding of the science, engineering, policy and economics of CO₂ capture and geological storage.

Members of CCP’s final work phase included BP, Chevron and Petrobras. Previous member companies and funding organisations included: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Encana, Eni, Petrobras, Shell, Statoil Hydro, Suncor, the European Union, the Norwegian Research Council and the US Department of Energy. Associate members included the Electric Power Research Institute and Repsol/YPF.

What was the background to the project?

The CCP, led by BP, grew out of the September 1999 BP/International Energy Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Program/US Department of Energy informational meeting ‘CO₂ Capture and Geologic Sequestration: Progress through Partnership’.

When did the project begin its work? How has it changed over time?

In the beginning of 2000, the CCP started as a three-year development program with the goal of bringing candidate technologies to pilot plant or demonstration stage. The project rapidly grew to a $90+ million long-term project funded mainly by the new participant companies (70%) with further support from governments. The program completed its fourth and final phase in 2022.

Phase 1 of the project ran from 2000-2004, Phase 2 covered 2004-2009 and Phase 3 concluded in 2014. Phase 4 concluded in 2022.

Are there other similar projects? What are they? Where can I find more information?

The CCP was the only CCS collaboration which is founded on the technical, industrial and operational expertise of many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies. There are, however, many other CCS-focused projects investigating CCS technology, demonstration projects and policy/regulation development. Click here to go to our Media and Resources page for a list of related projects.


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