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type    June, 2004

CCP Economics Overview - 2004

Torgeir Melien, Norsk Hydro

An overview of the economics of implementing CO2 capture technology presented at a workshop in Brussels, June 2004.

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type    June, 2004

CO2 Capture Project Policies & Incentives Study - 2004

Dag R Christensen

An overview of the CCP Phase 1 work program on Policies and Incentives, presented in Brussels, June 2004.

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type    April, 2004

Policies and Incentives Developments in CO2 Capture and Storage Technology

Arthur Lee et al

This summary report (dated April 2004) by the CCP Policies and Incentives Team comprises:

A comprehensive survey of existing policies, regulations, and incentives that impact or benefit CO2 capture, injection and storage in geologic formations.

Gap analysis necessary to formulate the regulatory and policy framework that will show how to get from "where we are" to "where we want to be" in deploying the technology.

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type    March, 2004

Economics and Case Studies

Tom Brownscombe, Shell

A presentation made in Washington DC in March 2004, covering the capture performance and cost of new CCS technologies, including cost-estimation models and case studies in Alaska, Norway, UK and Canada.

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type    March, 2004

CCP NGO Focus Group Meeting Washington DC 2004 - Summary and Feedback

CO2 Capture Project

Summary and Feedback from the CCP NGO Focus Group Meeting in Washington DC, March 2004.

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type    March, 2004

CCP Policies and Incentives Study Final Result - 2004

Arthur Lee

Presented in 2004, key messages of the study covered the London Dumping Convention and the OSPAR Convention (Oslo Paris Convention) and how they might apply to CO2 capture and storage deployment offshore in geologic formations. Clarification may require several years of intergovernmental negotiations in order to accommodate such deployment. At the time, there was limited policy and regulatory development specifically addressing CO2 capture and storage in individual countries. Specific countries (Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, UK, US) were moving in the direction of policy development specific to CO2 capture and storage.

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type    January, 2004

Update and Studies of Selected Issues Related to Government and Institutional Policies and Incentives Contributing to CO2 Capture and Geological Storage

Lee Solsbery et al, on behalf of Environmental Resources Management Ltd

This report (dated January 2004) by Energy Resources Management of London (UK) reviews, analyses and compares existing incentives and public policies or regulations that allow, inhibit or stimulate the capture of CO2 for geological storage.

The report focuses on policies, regulations, incentives, and planned near-term measures, including any likely linkages with the Kyoto flexible mechanisms. The report also highlights how official policies, regulations, and incentives treat CO2 capture and geological storage (CCS) in comparison to other measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and how this might be affected by the attitudes of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to geological storage.

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type    October, 2003

CO2 Capture Project Policy and Incentives Study - Preliminary Results for 2003

Arthur Lee & Frede Cappelen

Policies and Incentives. A review of global policies that could impact the deployment of CO2 Capture and Storage for GreenHouse Gas mitigation.

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type    October, 2003

CCS Cost Estimation and Selection of Technologies

Torgeir Melien, Norsk Hydro

Economics. A presentation by Torgeir Melien of Norsk Hydro summarizing the methods used by CCP to estimate and compare the cost of CO2 avoidance for several technologies applied to four real-life scenarios.

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type    October, 2003

CO2 Properties and Transportation

Torleif Weydahl, SINTEF Energy Research and Geir Heggum, Reinertsen Engineering

CO2 Transport. A presentation by Torleif Weydahl of SINTEF and Geir Heggum of Reinertsen into CO2 properties for transportation.

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